Ben Bechar


I'm a British-born entrepreneur & social engineer
with a passion for building products
that make it easier for people to connect
in a more meaningful & useful way.


Take control of your design and deliver faster.

Accelerate your development workflow with cloneable interface elements and components. The ultimate webflow resource.


Here are some things I've done

Companies & Projects

Social Workplace Design

I expanded my work around engineering serendipity to create more connections by researching and developing an analytical approach to quantifying the social characteristics of physical environments. This included visiting and capturing data from 120+ coworking spaces and writing about the insights in easy to understand posts on
Thomas Bekkers


As part of my work on quantifying human connection, I completed a Social Environment Analysis project focused on measuring and increasing the strength of shared office communities. Including designing an algorithm that reallocated seating based on matching behavior patterns to increase the probability of relationships forming.
Sarah Smith


In my late 20s, I founded Maslow, a social conversations app designed to get people talking. It used personalized question feeds to encourage individuals to discover new information about each other, triggering new and more meaningful conversations.
Clair Edwards

Dating Devs

Dating Devs was dating coaching initially focused on helping programmers navigate the New York dating scene. Instead of basing it on my experience, I interviewed over 400  men and women in NY about their dating experiences to better understand what key problems people were having.
Thomas Bekkers


At 25, I moved to New York and founded Eshac. Eshac was a social network for unsigned musicians that used user's (fans) behavior on the site to predict which artists or bands could be commercially viable.
Sarah Smith


After university, I joined Promethean to develop a pressure pen prototype before moving on to work on the ActivTable, an interactive table that allowed up to 6 children to collaborate with each other.
Clair Edwards

Created For Fun

Smart Umbrella Stand

I built an umbrella stand that lights up when it's going to rain that day, so that I can simply grab it on my way out if it tells me to.
Thomas Bekkers

Empire State Building

I recently converted a LEGO Empire State Building into one that automatically lights up as the same colour as the real one.
Sarah Smith

Stone Sculpture

To try something a little different, I took up stone carving. With just a few thousand blows of a hammer, I made an abstract bowl.
Clair Edwards

Made When I Was Younger

Swarm Robots

For my final project in my master's in Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering, I built a group of robots that communicated and collaborated with each other.
Thomas Bekkers

Beach Buggy

At 17, I following in my fathers footsteps (who built one when he was 16), and converted a 1978 VW Beetle into a beach buggy. I even drove my uncle to his wedding in it.
Sarah Smith

Model Traction Engine

At 16 as part of my DT class, I built a model traction engine (like the one above) from scratch, including casting the wheels, machining the piston and welding the boiler.
Clair Edwards

A Few of my Firsts

First Time Coding

When I was 13, I went to computer summer camp where we learnt the basics of coding and built a game. I obviously liked it enough to go back the following year.
Thomas Bekkers

First Company & "Exit"

When I was 12, I bought some DJ equipment, started "Party-On", and I spent my weekends being hired for entertainment at people's parties. After running it for a few years, my friend bought the equipment and took over.
Sarah Smith

First "Invention"

When I was 10, I typed up an "invention" (idea) that was a robotic (spelt "robotik") replacement  heart so people could live longer. And of course most importantly, "If shot in the heart it will not harm you".
Clair Edwards
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